Simon Heß (sometimes: Hess)

Assistant Professor at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.

I am an applied microeconomist interested in economic development and causal inference. My research focuses on social and economic networks and on policy evaluations.

Preferred pronouns: he/him/his.

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Shared e-scooter services and road safety: Evidence from six European countries

Environmental Effects of Development Programs: Experimental Evidence from West African Dryland Forests

Development Projects and Economic Networks: Lessons From Rural Gambia

Randomization Inference with Stata: A Guide and Software

Work in progress

Social networks, local elections, and female representation: Evidence from Nepali voter registration data

Altruism and the Topology of Transfer Networks


ritest - randomization inference for Stata

ivcvscore - Stata program to compute covariance-weighted z-scores (see Anderson, 2008)

geocodehere - Stata program for geocoding using HERE maps

colorscatter - vary colors in scatterplots by values of a third variable in Stata